Fill in the Blanks with Clues(ssc)

Fill in the Blanks with Clues

Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the forms of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once. 0.5 x 10 = 5

of with safely the a menace in to

Road accidents are daily occurrences (a) — modern city life. Every year thousands of people lose their lives and many more are injured. Before (b) — invention of automobiles, people moved from one place (c) — another slowly but (d) —. The real causes of road accidents lie with (e) — people not with the transports. (f) — some cities the roads are narrow. These can hardly cope (g) — the increasing number (h) — traffic. Besides, the traffic is not controlled properly. The drivers often violate traffic rules. As road accidents become (i) — great (j) — immediate steps should be taken to stop the danger.

Answer: (a) in (b) the (c) to (d) safely (e) the (f) in (g) with (h) of (i) a (j) menace.

an to difficulty at in a destruction the

Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries (a) — the world. Population is growing at (b) — alarming rate in Bangladesh. Population explosion is (c) — constant threat to ou­r environment, development and over all our existence. If population grows (d) — such (e) —high rate our environment will fail (f) — provide with their minimum necessity. Unless we take immediate steps (g) — stop this rapid growth of population our environment will face unpredictable (h) — and danger. Consequently (i) — inhabitants may experience (j) —.

Answer: (a) in (b) an (c) a (d) at (e) a (f) to (g) to (h) destruction (i) the (j) difficulty.

very for in of the a remember to

Our freedom fighters are (a) — real heroes of our country. We should (b) — them as they sacrificed their lives (c) — the cause of our motherland. It is (d) — matter (e) — great regret that most of them are neglected and young generation does not know about their valiant struggle. Yet today many of (f) — real freedom fighters have not been found out and established. Some (g) — them lead (h) — poor life. The authority (i) — power should take proper step (j) —enlist them and give them right honour.

Answer: (a) the (b) remember (c) for (d) a (e) of (f) the (g) of (h) very (i) in (j) to.

cherished a in inspires to an the from

Patriotism is (a) — noble virtue. It is (b) — inherent instinct in human nature. It (c) — a man to shed every drop of blood (d) — defend the liberty and dignity of the country. But patriotism should not be merely (e) fraud slogan in the public meeting to fake (f) —people. It should be (g) — in the core of heart and materialized (h) — our deeds. We should keep ourselves above (i) — the so-called patriotism. Everybody should bear (j) — mind that a pretender must be defeated. Nobody will remember or honour a mock patriot.

Answer: (a) a (b) an (c) inspires (d) to (e) a (f) the (g) cherished (h) in (i) from (j) in.

an by for for in surrounded modern to

The Sangsad Bhaban at Sher-e Bangla Nagar (a) — Dhaka is (b) — wonder of modern architecture and technology. It is one of the largest and most spectacular Parliament Buildings in the world. It was designed (c) — the famous American architect Louis I Kahn. This 155 feet high nine storeyed building is (d) — by (e) — artificial lake called the Crescent Lake. The structure has 1605 doors, 335 windows, 365 ventilators and corridors totaling (f) — a bewildering length of 41.6 kilometers. The house has 354 seats (g) — MPs, 56 for guests, and 40 for journalist’s and 430 (h) — spectators. It has three party rooms (i) — each of which can seat 153 people. The whole place is air-conditioned and includes all (j) — amenities.

Answer: (a) in (b) a (c) by (d) surrounded (e) an (f) to (g) for (h) for (i) in (j) modern.

for dissuade in to by the a of impediment

Child labour has been forbidden internationally (a) — the UN. (b) — make a child do the work which is suitable (c) — a man is punishable. Yet in the third world countries (d) —number of child labour is going up day by day. Bangladesh is one (e) — those countries. . Though government is committed to (1) — rich people to engage children in laborious works, things are not so easy. Poverty is the first (g) — in this field. The poor parents want to get additional earning (h) — employing their children (i) — works. Nazrul is a child of such kind of family. He came to Dhaka in search of (j) — living. Now he is working in a garments factory.

Answer: (a) by (b) To (c) for (d) the (e) of (f) dissuade (g) impediment (h) by (i) in (j) a.

effectively without of in patterns the a deforestation pollution

Forest play (a) — vital role (b) — the total scheme of the world. But humans are destroying .forests. The effects (c) — this mass destruction of forests could eventually affect us all. Dark forest absorbs heat more (d) — than lighter crops and grasses. The process of (e) — can altogether change (f) — weather (g) — of the world. Even more serious is the greenhouse effect. Rain-forests absorb carbon-dioxide. (h)— them and with modern (i) — this gas builds up and traps (j) — sun’s heat inside the atmosphere.

Answer: (a) a (b) in (c) of (d) effectively (e) deforestation (f) the (g) patterns (h) without (i) pollution (j) the
to in the a repetition on nature for

Habit is sometimes called second (a) —. Just as (b) — man can’t go against his inborn nature. So he can’t go against (c) — habit or habits he has already formed. Habit is formed by doing the same thing again and again. (d) — other words (e) — is the source of habit. So it is difficult (f) — give up a habit easily. If one goes (g) — smoking for some days, he can’t go without it. Researchers opine that if a chicken is made to go (h) — a certain corner of the house (i) — two or three evening and pass (j) — night there, it will do so on all the following evenings as a matter of habit.

Answer: (a) nature (b) a (c) the (d) in (e) repetition (f) to (g) on (h) to (i) for (j) the.

opened in against non violent the an to on

Green peace is (a) — international organization that campaigns (b) — protect the environment. It has about 5 million members (c) — 158 countries. Formed by a group of north American activists (d) — 1971, it has since then (e) — offices around (f) — world. As well as its humanitarian work it also has a charitable trust in (g) — United Kingdom which funds scientific research and undertakes educational work (h) — environmental issues. Green peace campaigns (i) — environmental abuse through (j) — direct action.

Answer: (a) an (b) to (c) in (d) in (e) opened (f) the (g) the (h) on (i) against (j) non violent.
the created a to occur by of for

A cyclone may (a) — anytime and at any place. The violent types (b) — cyclone usually hit (c) — tropics. (d) — cyclone of Bangladesh generally originates from the Bay of Bengal and flows towards the land. It is often accompanied (e) — thunders and heavy showers. Before cyclone commences unbearable heat is felt (f) — few days. Then suddenly one day the sky becomes terribly dark with clouds and strong winds begin (g) — blow flashes of lightening and the rumbling (h) — thunders. Thus (i) — terrible situation is (j) —.

Answer: (a) occur (b) of (c) the (d) The (e) by (f) for (g) to (h) of (i) a (j) created.

the correctly to a of success in with

Sincerity is the root (a) — success all works. One can go a long way if one does anything (b) — sincerity. The rich people are sincere (c) — their work and they are capable of making anything a (d) —. The great men are also sincere as they know that sincerity is the key-stone (e) —success. Those who do not follow the rules of sincerity can never go (f) — long way in the world. (g)— poor people are not sometimes sincere and lag behind. If they do not know the importance (h) — sincerity, they cannot make a good use of it. Sincerity is the tonic to any work because it helps the work to be done (i) —. So, we would be sincere (j) — every sphere of life.

Answer: (a) of (b) with (c) to (d) success (e) to (f) a (g) The (h) of (i) correctly (j) in.

united of the with a in concept to

Globalization is (a) — process by which all the countries in the world have become united (b) — continue and share different affairs (c) — each other. It has given a different (d) — about the world. (e) — world has already been turned into a village. (f) — countries are (g) — and English has become their only language (h) — speak. It is now affair as global language considering its necessity and appeal. No nation can expect success without having a good command over this language. (i) — a word English is a must in the present context (j) — the world.

Answer: (a) a (b) to (c) with (d) concept (e) The (f) The (g) united (h) to (i) in (j) of.

to in the products of watch organized by

Sports are popular form (a) — entertainment. Many international sporting events are (b) —from time (c) — time. Most (d) — these events are sponsored (e) — multinational manufacturing companies and the business firms. They pay for (f) — sports events (g) —exchange for the right (h) — advertise their products during those events. These events are telecast worldwide satellite and people all over the world (i) — them live. As a result the sponsor’s (j) — receive maximum media coverage thus giving companies international recognition.

Answer: (a) of (b) organized (c) to (d) of (e) by (f) the (g) in (h) to (i) watch (j) products.

the of a famous from promotion with for

Every year (a) — Nobel prize is awarded (b) — outstanding contribution to the fields of science, literature, economics and for the (c) — of peace. It is the world’s most prestigious prize. If there is more than one recipient, the prize money is divided equally among the winners. The prize was instituted by Sir Alfred Nobel, (d) — father of the science (e) —destruction. He invented dynamite. Though Nobel was born in Sweden, he was educated in Russia. (f) — this important invention, he became (g) — all over the world. He earned (h) —huge sum of money. The prize is given (i) — the interest of the money. The winners of the Nobel prize are treated (j) — great respect across the globe.

Answer: (a) the (b) for (c) promotion (d) the (e) of (f) For (g) famous (h) a (i) from (j) with.

unless in necessities a existence to of the

Population explosion is (a) — constant threat to our environment, development and over all our (b) —. Especially (c) — Bangladesh (d) — population is growing at such (e) — high rate that environment may soon fail (f) — supply with their minimum (g) —. Unless we take immediate steps (h) — stop this rapid growth (i) — population, our environment will one day encounter unpredictable difficulty and danger. Consequently, (j) — inhabitants may experience destruction.

Answer: (a) a (b) existence (c) in (d) the (e) a (f) to (g) necessities (h) to (i) of (j) the.

of a obstacles to again process at the

Education is the (a) — by which we develop our mind through (b) — formal learning (c) — an institution like a school, college or university. It is (d) — mental and intellectual training which provides opportunities (e) — growth and helps to overcome (f) — to progress. (g) — the purpose (h) — the education is (i) — enlighten the individual and develop his/her capacity. It is also the business of education to train individuals to make (j) — right choices to go ahead. It enables our mind and refreshes our outlook It also broadens our mind.

Answer: (a) process (b) a (c) at (d) a (e) of (f) obstacles (g) Again (h) of (i) to (j) the.

to a into utility of in provide with

Recreation and entertainment has great (a) — and importance (b) — our day to day life.
There are two types (c) — recreation. They are outdoor recreation and indoor recreation. The
outdoor recreation again can be classified (d) — three parts. They are games and sports,
picnic and outing and walking and exercise. Different indoor games like carom, chess, table
tennis, etc. watching television, video and film and reading various sorts (e) — books are
known as indoor recreation. Recreation has immense value and utility. Both focus (f) —
creation, outdoor and indoor (g) — vitality and strength (h) — our body and mind. They reduce tension and give us great relief. They also provide us pure pleasure and (i) — lot of enjoyment. As a result, we can work (j) — renewed vigour.

Answer: (a) utility (b) in (c) of (d) into (e) of (f) of (g) provide (h) to (i) a (j) with.

of in the flourishing expect consists a among

Bangladesh is (a) — democratic country. Parliamentary form (b) — Government is followed here. The parliament (c) — of 330 members of whom 300 are elected while 30 are selected from (d) — the women. The voters elect their representatives (e) — 300 seats and the political party winning majority seats in the parliament forms (f) — Government. The Prime Minister is the executive head of’ the country. In spite of some unexpected obstacles, democracy is (g) — in our country day by day. The people (h) — that democracy will be given permanent shape through tolerances and co-operation (i) — both the Government and (j) — opposition.

Answer: (a) a (b) of (c) consists (d) among (e) in (f) the (g) flourishing (h) expect (i) of (j) the.

an lagging the on in achieved to of

Bangladesh (a) — independence (b) — the 16th December, 1971. The people (c) — this country are peace loving. It is (d) — agro-based country. But (e) — peasantry of this country are not aware (f) — modern methods of cultivation. They are not well (g) — do. They cannot afford to maintain a happier and healthier life. We are (h) — behind because of illiteracy. Proper steps should be taken by the govt. (i) — eradicate illiteracy from the country. Our country needs real patriot. It is our sacred duty to work arm in arm (j) — order to promote the welfare of the country.

Answer: (a) achieved (b) on (c) of (d) an (e) the (f) of (g) to (h) lagging (i) to (j) in.

fascinated to biting the besides in by an

Mount Everest is the highest mountain (a) — the world. It is over 2900 feet above sea level. (b) — English man named George Everest first surveged (c) — Himalayas (d)— 1841. It has always (e) — climbers but is difficult. (f) — climb. There might be snow slides and cracks – under (g) — ice and snow. (h) the climbers are to face strong winds and (i) — cold. Mountaineers are daring people. They are not daunted (j) — dangers. Mountains always appear exciting and challenging to them.

Answer: (a) in (b) An (c) the (d) in (e) fascinated (f) to (g) the (h) Besides (i) biting (j) by.

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