SSC English First Paper Suggestion 2016

SSC English First Paper Suggestion 2016


1. Dr. Alfred Nobel 2.A farmer and a purse 3. Kazi Nazrul Islam 4. IBN-E-Batuta
5. Shakespear 6. Somerset Maugham 7. Shiekh Saadi 8.Tareq 9.Pied piper 10. Whale 11.Meena 12. Nepolion
13.Two beggar 14.Abu Ben Adam 15.Mother Teresa 16. A bad man in a village
17.Hatem Tai 18.Zainul Abedin 19. A king and two blind men 20. A snake and the crow
21.Dr. kudrat-E –khuda 22. Marco Polo 23. Muhammad Shahidulla 24. Einstein
25. Androcles 26. Taimur 27. Two Friends 28. Thirsty crow
29. Robindranath 30. Charles dickens 31. The Poor Woman


1. Traffic jam 2. School Magazine 3. Load Shedding 4. A School Library 5. Tree Plantation
6. Food Adulteration 7. Internet 8. Tree Plantation 9. Fisherman 10. International Mother Language Day
11. Environmental Pollution 12. Water/Air Pollution
 Completing Story
1. Unity is Strength 2. wonderful goose. 3. Grapes are sour 4. A honest wood cutter 5. A shepherd/Cowboy.
6. Thirsty crow 7. a hare and a tortoise 8. Lion and mouse 9. Two friends 10. Sheikh Saadi
11. Robert Bruce 12. Dividing Bread 13. Bayazid 14. Golden Touch 15. Who will bell the cat
 Describing graphs/Charts
1. The literacy rate of Bangladesh. 2. Average temperature of the year in Bangladesh
3. The population of Bangladesh 4. GPA Four Specific Subjects
5. Passing rateof different subjects 6. Changing attitude to pastimes
7. A student spend of time in various activities. 8.The importance and Usage of English
9. Mobile Phone users 10.Percentage of a family,s household income distributed 11.The elderly people attitude to pastimes 12.The population growth rate of Bangladesh from 2005 to 2012 13. Choice of profession by different educated people. 14. Selling rates of four types of books in Ekushey Boi Mela. 15. The number of people living below poverty line. 16. Result of SSC candidates

 Informal letter

1. The benefits of reading newspaper (also email) 2. Brilliant success in the SSC Exam (also email)
3. about Bangladesh and her people (also email ) 4. Foods and food habits in Bangladesh (also email )
5.How two improve English . 6. Thanking him for his hospitality (also email )
7. Intend to do after the SSC Examination (also email ) 8. Thanking him for a nice gift (also email )
9. Join the picnic (also email ) 10. Condolence at a friend’s father’ death (also email )
11. Describing the co-curricular activities of your school. 12. To adjust to the new place and the food (also email )
13. Bad effects of smoking (also email ) 14. Preparation for coming Examination (also email +dial)


1. Importance of Computer learning 2. Importance of Tree Plantation/learning english (also email )
3. Importance of Reading Newspaper (also email ) 4. Illiteracy problem
5. Use and abuses of mobile phone 6. Preparation for coming Examination (also email + letter )
7. about city life and village life 8. Bad effects of Smoking
9. The benefit of early rising/physical exercise(al so email) 10. Future plan your aim in life (also email + letter)
11. how to do well in the examination( also letter+email) 13. Environment pollution.
14. How to improve in English 15. Importance of punctuality in student life

পোষ্টটি লিখেছেন: MASUD(SATKHIRA)

SK MASUDUL HASAN এই ব্লগে 30 টি পোষ্ট লিখেছেন .

আমি একজন ইংরেজি শিক্ষক এবং মাধ্যমিক ও উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক শিক্ষা বোর্ড ঢাকা ও যশোর ের অনলাইন হেল্প লাইনে শিক্ষকদের সেবা দেয়ার চেষ্টা করছি।01720589535

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